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Football Highlights Programmes

With the onset of the new television deals, and the proliferation of multiple rights packages, the choice of television highlights programmes on offer has become bewildering.


Consequently, detailed below is a comprehensive breakdown of all of the highlights programmes (that may, or may not, feature Everton) currently available on television...



  • Match of the Day - usually shown on Saturday evenings, this programme shows highlights and provides analysis on the day's Premier League games
  • Match of the Day 2 – usually shown on Sunday evenings, MOTD2 shows highlights of the day's Premier League matches, as well as recapping the rest of the weekend's Premier League action
  • Football Focus - a Saturday lunchtime preview of all the top footballing action with detailed analysis from an expert panel
  • Match of the Day 2 Extra – a Sunday lunchtime 40 minute programme, debating the talking points from Saturday's matches, mulling over Sunday's fixtures and discussing the key issues dominating the headlines
  • Capital One Cup – an occasional weekly highlights show covering the League Cup, including extended highlights of the final



  • FA Cup Highlights - highlights from the FA Cup


Sky Sports

  • Saturday Night Football - extended highlights of the day's Premier League games
  • Goals on Sunday - highlights and analysis of Premier League (and Football League) matches
  • Soccer AM - a lighter look at the world of football
  • Sunday Supplement - Fleet Street's finest debate all of the biggest talking points of each week
  • Barclays Premier League World - a round-up of all of the latest news and action from the Premier League


BT Sport

  • Barclays Premier League World - a round-up of all of the latest news and action from the Premier League
  • FA Cup Highlights - extended highlights from the FA Cup


Setanta Ireland

  • Premier League Central - following RTE's decision to drop their coverage, Setanta Ireland now airs two Premier League highlights programmes; one on Saturday evening (8.30pm) and one on Sunday evening (10.30pm). However, these programmes are not available to subscribers in Northern Ireland.

(23 Sep)

easyJet Schedules Roundup

easyJet have just launched their flight schedules for the period from April 2014 to early June 2014. Over the next year, there are frequent changes to the timings of easyJet's air service between Belfast and Liverpool (and Manchester).


Consequently, on our password-protected Flight Prices webpage, we have compiled a complete rundown of the potentially useful weekend easyJet flights to Liverpool (and Manchester).

(04 Sep)

How to Watch BT Sport

This season, BT Sport (due to be launched in August) will provide live coverage of 38 Premier League games (including 18 first picks) which are to be shown at 12.45pm on Saturdays and Bank Holidays.


Below are a couple of useful articles summarising the various methods of obtaining their new sports channels...


...and a similar article on How to Watch Sky.


Incidentally, Sky will show 116 matches, which will now also include the 5.30pm slot on a Saturday once taken by ESPN (who lost out in the new bidding war) as well as their Monday night games at 8pm and their Super Sunday slots at 1.30pm and then 4pm.

(updated 10 Jul)