Social Media

The whole medium of social networking presents us with a new way of engaging with our members, share news and exchange ideas. It only takes a few minutes for anyone to upload information that can ultimately help hundreds of other members of our club. Consequently, we would encourage you to actively participate in any, or all, of the services below...

ESCNI WhatsApp Groups (22/23)

If you are an ESCNI member and aren't already in our WhatsApp group, please text 078 5408 2080 and we’ll add you in. However, remember, you'll need to have the WhatsApp app on your smartphone first.


Incidentally, as the number of our current members with WhatsApp will exceed the current maximum limit of 256, we have had to split our WhatsApp Group into two parallel groups: Part One (A to L) and Part Two (M to Z).


In order to drastically reduce the amount of spam and off-topic messages, only our Admins can send messages. If something specific requires everyone’s participation, this setting can be changed to allow everyone to message the group and then, subsequently, changed back again.

(22 Jun)


Twitter Screenshot Twitter Screenshot

Twitter is used to send out short text messages to the phones (primarily smartphones but also conventional mobiles, and also on the web) of those people that have agreed to follow.


ESCNI has its own Twitter account (with, currently, over 950 followers): @escni

This feed can also be viewed via the internet at


Even if you don't have a smart phone, you can still connect it to your conventional mobile phone via texting. In order to set this up...

  • simply text follow escni to 86444 
  • login to your Twitter account
  • select the Profile tab
  • click on the Set Up Mobile Notifications (on the right hand side)
  • enter your mobile phone number and
  • ensure that the three Message Notifications boxes are ticked
  • you might also want to set a time period to turn notifications off (for example, midnight to 8am)
  • click on the Start button.


Incidentally, just to correct a few misconceptions about Twitter...

• you only follow the Twitters that you select (and you can easily deselect them later)
• should you wish, you can withhold your email address, and mobile number (if applicable)
• other Twitters can chose to follow you but they cannot send you messages
• should you wish, you can block individual unwanted Followers from following your tweets
• it is not compulsory for you to tweet

• you can forward (text) the tweets to a conventional mobile phone and, providing you are on an unlimited text messaging plan, this will be free (furthermore, rest assured that we will not be sending out a vast amount of tweets so, even if you can only receive a limited number of free texts, it should still not exceed your allowance)


By the way, it's ESCNI Twitter's policy to only follow those other Twitter accounts that regularly tweet a steady source of information useful to ESCNI.


... this is because, if you follow anyone/everyone else on Twitter, it all just becomes overwhelming. So, please don't take it personally, if we unfollow you or don't follow you back.


In an effort to not overload you with tweets, we assume that you already follow the official Everton account (@Everton) and, consequently, we generally do not retweet Everton’s own tweets. Our tweets tend to be ones (such as fixture, travel, accommodation and ESCNI related information) relevant to our own unique position.

(15 Feb)


Facebook Screenshot Facebook Screenshot

Info to follow...


Currently, we do not have a Forum or Discussion Board.

(15 Feb)