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New Addition to Links Webpage

We have another new addition to our Links webpage.


Please feel free to email us with your suggestions of other suitable websites.

(27 Jun)

Early Season Flights Shortage (2013/14)

Just a reminder to everyone about the particular lack of suitable flights at the start of next season...


The last easyJet flight back from Liverpool on Saturdays will be at 16.45 until 5th October (when there will be a flight at 20.05). Furthermore, there will be no Saturday evening easyJet flight back from Manchester either until 21st September (when there will be a flight at 21.40).


The first easyJet flights out on Sundays will be at 15.15 and 12.50 from Liverpool and Manchester respectively until 15th September; when the first flight from Liverpool will be at 07.25.

Incidentally, Flybe's last flight home (to Belfast City Airport) from Manchester on a Saturday will be at 19.25; and Ryanair's suitable Derry/Liverpool weekend flights will be out on Saturday at 07.50 and back on Sunday at 19.20.


For once, we may keep our fingers crossed for some Sunday or early Saturday kick offs (and, even then, this would be tight).

(30 May)

TripAdvisor: 3 Days in Liverpool

For those longer trips where you want to do more than just go to the match, here's TripAdvisor's useful advice on what places (other than the Tour of Goodison) on Merseyside are well worth visiting... 3 Days in Liverpool.


Alternatively, if you have more time to browse, view their complete list of... Things to do in Liverpool.

(18 Apr)