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  • Jalissa (Friday, March 08 13 01:48 am GMT)

    Jul21Adam Is a317m for Cahill with 1 year left a fair price? Of course not but he's quite craelly the best option. You pay a premium for English talent but in this case you get what you pay for, a
    very very good centre back. Cahill is the player who's gonna be a first choice centre half for England for many years to come, not Jagielka. Jagielka is not what we need AT ALL. Another short centre
    back when getting owned by set pieces and long balls is a very clear weakness of ours. I'd much rather we play Kyle Bartley than Jagielka to be perfectly honest. Bartley's exactly the kind of CB we
    need: Tall, powerful, dominant in the air, quick and aggressive.I honestly can't see a better option than Cahill. Tall quick, strong, great in the air, tackles hard and well, PL experience and he's
    also good with the ball at his feet. He's a great age too. He's an absolute perfect fit for Arsenal.

  • ryan mcmanus (Wednesday, November 28 12 11:31 pm GMT)

    users for members online, as i dont know anyone i dont want to travel alone, a forum would be good

  • Ryan McManus (Thursday, September 20 12 12:24 am BST)

    Maybe a forum to talk to other members?

ESCNI: Whilst not a Forum as such, you can post on our Facebook site. However, we will certainly consider your suggestion, Ryan.