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Man Utd (home), Sunday (4pm), 4th December

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Man Utd (home): Sunday 4th December

ESCNI will have 64 people at Sunday's game at home to Man Utd.


The current weather forecast is for a dry sunny afternoon, with a temperature of just 5°C.

(02 Dec)

Fixture News: February Games

The selection of the fourth batch of televised Premier League games (covering the games in February) is well underway ...and our members will be immediately texted accordingly. During this period, there are two home games that could be affected...

  • Bournemouth (Sat 04 Feb) 
  • Sunderland (Sat 25 Feb)


Remember, updated fixture information on all home games is available from our password-protected Flight Prices webpage; and we also text out to our members immediately we know that the dates of the games have been confirmed.


In order to receive our text information immediately, take out an ESCNI membership via our Membership webpage. 

(02 Dec)


The Minutes of this year's AGM are now available to download from our dedicated password-protected 2016 AGM webpage.


This year's AGM was held on Tuesday (8pm), 8th November and the venue was the King's Head, Belfast.

(28 Nov)

Liverpool the Film Set City

The city of Liverpool has featured in many classic films and television series.


If you’re looking for something different to do on your trip to Liverpool, as well as going to the Everton match obviously, why not visit some of these iconic film locations... the Film Set City.

(26 Nov)

Southampton (away): Sunday, 27th November

ESCNI will have 11 people at Sunday's game at Southampton.


The current weather forecast is for a cloudy but dry afternoon, and a temperature of just 8°C.

(24 Nov)

Swansea (home): Saturday 19th November

ESCNI will have 37 people at Saturday's game against Swansea.


The current weather forecast is for a dry but cool afternoon, with a temperature of just 7°C. 

(17 Nov)

Group Ticket Sales (at Reduced Prices)

For Season 2016/17, group ticket sales will apply to four Barclays Premier League fixtures:


  • Swansea (Saturday 19 November): £25 Adult, £12.50 Junior (aged 15 and under)
  • Bournemouth (Saturday 04 February): £25 Adult, £12.50 Junior (aged 15 and under)
  • Hull (Saturday 18 March): £25 Adult, £12.50 Junior (aged 15 and under)
  • Burnley (Saturday 15 April): £25 Adult, £12.50 Junior (aged 15 and under)


However, in order to avail of these, you must be an ESCNI member (or a guest or a member of another supporters club). Please note that tickets at these prices will only be available for our club's initial ticket application and that any tickets ordered subsequent to this will be charged at the normal rate. Furthermore, access to the group sales ticket offer is subject to a minimum number of match ticket purchases being made by our club.


There will also be the official Supporters' Club Flag Day parade at the Burnley game.


...another example of the benefits of joining ESCNI.

(06 Nov)


This year's AGM will be held on Tuesday (8pm), 8th November and the venue will be the King's Head, Belfast.


Remember, all of the associated documentation is available to download from our password-protected 2016 AGM webpage.


Please note that, in accordance with the Club's Rules, all Nominations, Resolutions and Notice of Motions had to be with the Club Secretary by Tuesday, 11th October. Incidentally, all five of the existing committee members have been automatically re-elected for their existing posts, as no new nominations were received.

(updated 05 Nov)

Early Season Flights Shortage (2016/17)

Once again, there will be a particular lack of suitable flights at the start of next season...


The last easyJet flight back from Liverpool on Saturdays will be at 16.40; until 9th September (when there will be a flight at 20.40). The first return flights on the Sunday mornings will be at 07.00 and 10.00.


During this early part of the season, the first easyJet flights out on Sundays will be at 08.20 and 11.20 from Belfast.

We may keep our fingers crossed for some Sunday or early Saturday kick offs.

(04 Nov)

Chelsea (away): Saturday, 5th November

ESCNI will have 19 people at Saturday evening's game at Chelsea.


The current weather forecast is for a dry evening, and a temperature of 7°C.

(03 Nov)

Dublin Airport Update

Update: Aer Lingus to cease Dublin/Liverpool flights from 5th January.

(01 Nov)

Thanks to the improved roads (and the fact that Dublin's departure tax has been scrapped, as opposed to Belfast and Derry's tax of £13), flying out of Dublin Airport is now a realistic alternative for many of our members.


Currently, the following airlines connect with Liverpool and Manchester Airports...

  • Ryanair: to Liverpool and Manchester (from T3)
  • Aer Lingus: to Liverpool (commencing 23 Oct) and Manchester (from T1)

Indeed, Dublin Airport has its own dedicated webpage specifically aimed at those people travelling down from Northern Ireland.


Incidentally, at the start of next season, a day-return (from Belfast) will not be possible with easyJet, whereas Ryanair will have a Saturday morning flight out (from Dublin) at 07.50; with a return flight on Saturday evening at 20.45.

(21 May '15)

More information on flying from Dublin is available from our own dedicated password-protected webpage.

Fixture News: December/January Games

The selection of the third batch of televised Premier League games (covering the games in December and January) was announced on Friday ...and our members were immediately texted accordingly. During this period, there are five home games that could have been affected...

  • Man Utd (Sat 03 Dec) 
  • Arsenal (Wed 14 Dec)
  • Liverpool (Sat 17 Dec)
  • Southampton (Mon 02 Jan)
  • Man City (Sat 14 Jan)


Remember, updated fixture information on all home games is available from our password-protected Flight Prices webpage; and we also text out to our members immediately we know that the dates of the games have been confirmed.


In order to receive our text information immediately, take out an ESCNI membership via our Membership webpage. 

(17 Oct)

Over 925 Follow ESCNI Twitter

Our ESCNI Twitter account now has over 925 followers.


If you aren't already one, please take a moment to read our Social Media webpage in order to learn of the advantages of being one of its followers.


In an effort to not overload you with tweets, we assume that you already follow the official Everton account (@Everton) and, consequently, we generally do not retweet Everton’s own tweets. Our tweets tend to be ones (such as fixture, travel, accommodation and ESCNI‑related information) relevant to our own unique position.

(14 Oct)

easyJet Admin Fee rises to £14

When booking (or even pricing) flights, remember that easyJet add an £14 administration fee on every booking, irrespective of the number of people or number of flights it is for.

Consequently, it pays to team up with others or (if possible) to simultaneously book multiple return flights (however, it should be noted that each party of travellers must comprise exactly the same names) using the Add More Flights button.

As an example, if you can book as a pair it will instantly save each of you £7 per person.

(12 Oct)

easyJet (April/May)

For the last two months of the season, the first Saturday morning flight is at the unearthly time of 06.45 (for the first half of April the next flight is at 12.10, then 08.20 from then on) with the only evening return at 20.40 ... so, it could be a very long day for some!
On Sundays, the only morning flight out is at 08.20 with return flights at 17.50, 19.40 and 20.40.

(07 Oct)


Today, 2nd October, we changed the password and texted our current members with the new one for our website.


Remember, our website has a Members Only area that (as the name suggests) is intended for ESCNI members only; and access to it requires the use of a password.


This password will be changed occasionally. However, members will be advised of any change via an email and a text message. If you have forgotten the password, simply email or text (078 5408 2080) the Secretary for a reminder.


As you can see from our sitemap, this area contains most of our fixture and travel information, together with our club's internal business (Rules, AGM and Committee information, etc).


(02 Oct)

Ryanair: City of Derry to Liverpool

Ryanair are reducing their Derry/Liverpool service to just two flights per week from next April.



  • Sat: 16.05
  • Tue: 12.40



  • Sat: 14.40
  • Tue: 11.15


They are also axeing completely their Derry/London Stansted service.

(13 Sep)

A reminder to all of our North West members that Ryanair operate a direct air service between City of Derry and Liverpool airports.


Currently (Aug to Oct ‘16), their timetables are...



  • Sat, Tue & Thu*: 09.00 (*08.25 in Aug)
  • Sun: 14.25 (16.05 in Oct)
  • Mon: 13.00 (15.30 in Oct)



  • Sat, Tue & Thu*: 07.35 (*07.00 in Aug)
  • Sun: 13.00 (14.40 in Oct)
  • Mon: 11.35 (14.05 in Oct)

(21 Apr)

Arriva 500 Bus: Update

Arriva’s bus service 500 (which operates between the airport and the Liverpool One bus station) now calls in at Liverpool South Parkway train station in both directions.


Their schedules have also changed slightly...

  • the first bus departs from the airport at 4.31am
  • and the last one (to the airport) departs from Liverpool One at 7.05pm

...full details are available from the relevant Arriva webpage.

(07 Sep)

New Investment, New Manager, New Fixtures... now's the optimum time to join us...

ESCNI Membership 2016/17

Membership of ESCNI for Season 2016/17 is now open.


With the new fixtures announced (and, subsequently, the first group of Sky/BT Sport televised matches to be announced "within a few weeks"), now is the optimum time to sign up to our fixture information service.

Membership fees for Season 2016/17 remain unchanged at...

  • Adult£15
  • Junior (born after 31st December 2000): £6
  • Senior (born before 31st December 1951): £6
  • Family (max 2 adults, unlimited children): £30


As part of their ESCNI Membership Package, each of our 2016/17 members will be issued with our new ESCNI enamel badge (pictured right).


Anyone renewing before 31st August will also be in the draw for a signed replica home shirt.


The quickest and easiest way of joining/renewing ESCNI is via our Membership webpage.

(16 Jun)

Merseytravel Pass (Walrus)

A reminder that Merseytravel have replaced their Saveaway scratchcard with their Walrus smartcard and, with this, you can then travel all day on Liverpool's buses for only £3.90 (child: £2.30).

Furthermore, as well as all Liverpool's buses, it will also let you travel on the trains ...including the service from the city centre to Kirkdale Station (it takes less than 10 minutes, followed by a 16 minute walk to Goodison).


The Walrus smartcard can be purchased from the Spar shop, adjacent to the arrivals exit point, on the ground floor of the airport.


So, providing time permits, you can avoid the need for expensive taxis and travel all day for only £3.90.

(27 Aug)

Links Webpage

On our Links webpage, we have compiled a collection of other Everton-related websites that we hope are of interest to our members. 


Please feel free to email us with your suggestions of other possible websites.

(10 Apr)