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Latest News:

Sligo v Everton, Friday (4pm) 19 July

Tickets for Sligo Rovers v Everton will go on sale online from 9am this Wednesday (July 3) priced at 20 euros for adults, 15 euros for OAPs and students and 10 euros for Under-12s.


A link to the ticket portal will be posted on Everton and Sligo club channels on the day of sale.


The Sligo friendly will form part of a training camp for Everton in the Republic of Ireland as they prepare for their Premier League opener against Brighton.

(02 Jul)

easyJet to Commence Derry/Liverpool

easyJet will be announcing a Derry/Liverpool route tomorrow.


The twice weekly flights will utilise a Liverpool based plane and will start 4 November 2024...

  • Mondays: LPL/LDY: 0935-1040 and LDY/LPL: 1110-1215
  • Fridays: LPL/LDY: 1355-1500 and LDY/LPL: 1530-1635

(26 Jun)

Final Goodison Game (~18 May ’25)

Our home fixture against Southampton is highly likely to be Everton’s last ever game at Goodison Park and, consequently, the demand for tickets for this game will be exceptionally high.


Apart from our ten season tickets, the number and quality of any additional tickets will, as usual, be heavily dependent on our opponent’s decision to take their optional allocation of Upper Bullens seats.


Everton had requested that their final home game be scheduled for the penultimate weekend of the season, but the exact date and time of this fixture is likely to only be announced approximately one month before the game. However, in order to allow focus on the build-up to the FA Cup Final, it has already been agreed that there will be no Premier League games on the Friday evening or on the Saturday itself. Furthermore, if Everton or Southampton were to be in the FA Cup Final, then the game is likely to be rearranged until the following midweek (Tuesday to Thursday).


Remember that in accordance with the Club Rules, tickets for oversubscribed matches shall be prioritised according to the number of matches attended within the preceding 12 months.

(18 Jun)

Season 2024/25: Important Dates

Some important dates (confirmed and provisional) for next season...

  • 18 Jun (9am): PL Fixtures released 
  • 17 Aug: Premier League starts
  • 27/28 Aug: CC2
  • 17/18 & 24/25 Sep: CC3
  • 29/30 Oct: CC4
  • 17/18 Dec: CCQF
  • 11 Jan: FAC3
  • 07/08 Jan: CCSF(i)
  • 04/05 Feb: CCSF(ii)
  • 08 Feb: FAC4
  • 01 Mar: FAC5
  • 16 Mar: Carabao Cup Final
  • 29 Mar: FAC QF
  • 05 Apr: Grand National
  • 26 Apr: FAC SF
  • 17 May FA Cup Final
  • 25 May: Premier League finishes


Below are the Premier League's approximate dates for when the announcements on matches that have been selected for live TV broadcast will be made...


  • August/September: 18 June - 5 July
  • October: 22 July - 19 August
  • November: 2 September - 13 September
  • December/January: 16 September - 14 October
  • February: 14 November - 9 December
  • March: 2 January - 24 January
  • April: 27 January - 28 February
  • MW35: 17 March - 21 March
  • MW36: 24 March - 28 March
  • MW37: 31 March - 4 April (last Goodison game)
  • MW38: Post MW37

​​(updated 21 Jun)

ESCNI Membership 2024/25

Membership of ESCNI for Season 2024/25 is now open.


With the new fixtures to be published on 18th June, now is the optimum time to sign up and avail of our fixture information service.

Membership fees for Season 2024/25 remain unchanged at...

  • Adult£15
  • Junior (born after 30th June 2007): £6
  • Senior (born before 1st July 1958): £6
  • Family (max 2 adults, unlimited children): £30


As part of their ESCNI Membership Package, each of our new 2024/25 members will be issued with our ESCNI enamel badge (pictured right); current members received theirs previously.


The quickest and easiest way of joining/renewing ESCNI is via our Membership webpage.


If you are paying your ESCNI membership via a bank transfer, please remember to tell our Membership Secretary (William) accordingly...

(17 Jun)

Fixture News: Season 24/25

The 2024/25 Premier League season will start on the weekend of 17th/18th August.


The Premier League fixtures will be released on Tuesday (9am) 18th June, although the dates and kick-off times will be subject to subsequent change.


Last year, the live TV games for the opening weekend were announced at the same time. ...with the remainder of the August/September games published in early July.

(25 Mar)

Arsenal (away): Sunday, 19th May

ESCNI will have 10 people at tomorrow's game away to Arsenal.


The current weather forecast is for sunny intervals, and a temperature of 21°C.


(18 May)

Sheff Utd (home): Saturday, 11th May

ESCNI will have 78 people at tomorrow's game at home to Sheff Utd.


The current weather forecast is for sunny intervals, and a very balmy temperature of 23°C.

(10 May)

Luton (away): Friday, 3rd May

ESCNI will have four people at tomorrow evening's game away to Luton


The current weather forecast is for light rain showers, with a temperature of 10°C.


(02 May)

Brentford (home): Saturday, 27th April

ESCNI will have 36 people at tomorrow evening's game at home to Brentford.


The current weather forecast is dry, with a temperature of 11°C.

(26 Apr)

Liverpool (home): Wednesday, 24th April


ESCNI will have 55 people at tomorrow evening's game at home to Liverpool.


The current weather forecast is dry, with a temperature of 7°C.

(23 Apr)

Nottingham Forest (home): Sunday, 21st April

ESCNI will have 51 people at tomorrow's game at home to Nottingham Forest.


The current weather forecast is cloudy but dry, with a temperature of 11°C.

(20 Apr)

Chelsea (away): Monday, 15th April

ESCNI will have 10 people at tonight's game away to Chelsea


The current weather forecast is cloudy but dry, with a temperature of 8°C.

(15 Apr)

Travel News: 100ml Liquids Rule

The relaxation of the 100ml liquids rule at airports, originally proposed with a deadline of 1st June 2024, seems to be substantially behind schedule.


Our understanding of the current position at the various airports is as follows…

  • Liverpool: to be in place May/June ‘24
  • Manchester: some in place by June ’24 … fully rolled out in 2025
  • Belfast International: sometime summer ‘24
  • Belfast City: “at an advanced stage … at the earliest opportunity”
  • City of Derry: currently, no updated information
  • Dublin: sometime later this year

(09 Apr)

Highest-Ever Membership Number

For the first time ever, ESCNI now has over 600 members.


Incidentally, our club's membership has exceeded 300 for the twenty-first consecutive season and 400 for the eighth season running.


Membership of ESCNI for Season 2023/24 is still open and can be easily and quickly done via ouMembership webpage.

(03 Apr)

Liverpool (home): Fixture News Update

The Liverpool (home) game has been rearranged for Wednesday (8pm), 24th April and will shown live by Sky.


However, the Premier League have added that "the fixture's kick-off time is subject to change if Brighton v Man City moves to the same evening" ... whatever exactly that means! ...and we won't know if that is required until after Man City play the second leg of their Champions League fixture (v Real Madrid) on Wednesday, 17th April.

(25 Mar)

Fixture News: April Games

The selection of the televised fixtures for April has been completed. As usual, our members were messaged (by WhatsApp) immediately they were announced. During this period, there re three home games...

  • Burnley: Saturday, 6th April
  • Nottingham Forest: Saturday, 20th April
  • Brentford: Saturday, 27th April


​Remember, updated fixture information on all home games is available from our password-protected Flight Prices webpage; and we also message our members immediately we know that the dates of the games have been confirmed.


In order to receive our information immediately, take out an ESCNI membership via our Membership webpage.

(25 Mar)

Memories of Goodison Park

The Everton FC Heritage Society has recently released a new video entitled Memories of Goodison Park.


It's a 23 minute video featuring some of the iconic memories from Goodison Park during its 130+ year history.


Indeed, why not also subscribe, free of charge, to their youtube channel?

(31 Jan)

Carabao Cup: 4th Round Draw

The Carabao Cup 4th Round draw will take place tomorrow evening (Wednesday, 27th September), after the conclusion of Newcastle’s televised clash with Man City, at approximately 10.15pm BST.


It will be broadcast live on Sky Sports Main Event and Football, plus Sky Sports News.


The subsequent ties will be played during week commencing 30th October.

(27 Sep)

Belfast International Airport Car Parking

From Monday 17th April, dropping off and collecting passengers at Belfast International Airport’s drop‑off zone (the Short Stay Car Park) will cost £3.


However, its Long Stay Car Park will remain free for 15 minutes.

Blue Badge holders can still use the Short Stay Car Park free of charge for 30 minutes.

(13 Apr)

WhatsApp Group (ESCNI 23/24)

If you are an ESCNI member and aren't already in our WhatsApp group, please text 078 5408 2080 and we’ll add you in. However, remember, you'll need to have the WhatsApp app on your smartphone first.


In order to drastically reduce the amount of spam and off-topic messages, only our Admins can send messages. If something specific requires everyone’s participation, this setting can be changed to allow everyone to message the group and then, subsequently, changed back again.


For those members without a smartphone, we have now also added in an occasional SMS text service. Once again, if you are an ESCNI member and aren't already in our SMS group, please text 078 5408 2080 and we’ll add you in.

(01 Feb)

APD Reduction (Update)

In the 2021 Autumn Budget, it was announced that Air Passenger Duty (APD) was to be reduced from £26 to £13 for a return flight within the UK ... although, with the proviso that this change would not come into effect until April 2023.


However, the APD for a flight from the UK to Dublin will remain at £13; thereby, removing the current overall £13 advantage that a Dublin return flight to Liverpool currently enjoys over its NI equivalents.


Following yesterday's UK Budget, the APD for a return flight within the UK will rise to £14 from 1st April; whilst for UK to Dublin, it will remain at £13 ... giving a Dublin return flight a small £1 advantage over its NI equivalents.

(updated 16 Mar)

Everton’s Supporters Club Day 2023

On Saturday, ESCNI will be represented at Goodison by Rossa Curry (12) from Beragh, County Tyrone.


Dressed in full kit, he will be one of the eleven Supporters Clubs’ mascots who will each accompany a player onto the pitch before the Leeds game.


Rossa will also be escorted by his uncle, Mark Haigney, who will be waiting on the touchline, viewing his nephew's big day.


Below are the official photos of Rossa's big day...


(updated 23 Feb)

Kirkdale Train Station: a Good Way to Travel to (and from) the Airport from Goodison


Using Kirkdale Train Station is a fast and efficient way to get back to the airport after the match.


Utilising the railway avoids the inevitable traffic jam that arises after every game at Goodison.



Kirkdale Train Station is a 16 minute walk from Goodison but, from there, you can either:


Particularly when used in conjunction with a Metro or Walrus smartcard, which covers both buses and trains) either way represents a quick and affordable return route to the airport.


Furthermore, it’s also a good way to initially travel out to Goodison too.

(updated 08 Jan)


Today, 1st January, we changed the password and texted our current members with the new one for our website.


Remember, our website has a Members Only area that (as the name suggests) is intended for ESCNI members only; and access to it requires the use of a password.


This password will be changed occasionally. However, members will be advised of any change via an email and a text message. If you have forgotten the password, simply email or text (078 5408 2080) the Secretary for a reminder.


As you can see from our sitemap, this area contains most of our fixture and travel information, together with our club's internal business (Rules, AGM and Committee information, etc).

(01 Jan)

Ordering Match Tickets

When ordering match tickets from Aidan (our Match Ticket Secretary), please remember that we will require you to pay for them when later received.


It’s unfair to order match tickets and then source them from elsewhere, as it creates lots of additional work for him and (if left too late) Everton will charge us for the tickets.

(21 Dec)

Highest-Ever Membership Number

ESCNI now has 523 members, its highest ever membership number.


Incidentally, our club's membership has exceeded 300 for the twentieth consecutive season and 400 for the seventh season running.


Membership of ESCNI for Season 2022/23 is still open and can be easily and quickly done via ouMembership webpage.

(20 Dec)

February Games: Premier Inn

With the great shortage of Saturday flights during February, it’s worth considering the Liverpool Airport Premier Inn. By staying here, you will be ideally placed to take advantage of easyJet’s much cheaper late Friday evening/early Sunday morning Belfast flights. It is located within a short walking distance (9 mins) from the airport terminal. With a double and a single bed, each room can easily accommodate three people.


Their standard rate (pay now, non-refundable; free to amend check in date at the same hotel up to 1pm on the day of arrival) for our three February home games are currently…

  • 3rd/5th February (Arsenal): £87 for two nights
  • 17th/19th February (Leeds): £129 for two nights
  • 24th/26th February (Aston Villa): £116.50 for two nights

The dates for these three games should be confirmed once the TV dates are announced next week (~Tuesday, 6th December).


For full details check their website.

(02 Dec)

Match Fixture Information

We have updated our password-protected Flight Prices webpage (comprising the home games for Season 2022/23).


Initially, 13 of our 19 home games clash with Man Utd home games; this usually noticeably affects flight demand/prices. However, due to fixture rearrangements, this figure should drop significantly in due course ... and has dropped by one already.

(30 Jul)

Over 1,100 Follow ESCNI Twitter

Our ESCNI Twitter account has over 1,100 followers.


If you aren't already one, please take a moment to read our Social Media webpage in order to learn of the advantages of being one of its followers.


In an effort to not overload you with tweets, we assume that you already follow the official Everton account (@Everton) and, consequently, we generally do not retweet Everton’s own tweets. Our tweets tend to be ones (such as fixture, travel, accommodation and ESCNI‑related information) relevant to our own unique position.

(19 Jun)

Belfast's Official Everton Store to Close

The Official Everton Store in Belfast is to close permanently next Saturday (28th May).


Our understanding is that it will be open tomorrow, closed on Monday and Tuesday, and then open from Wednesday through to Saturday.


Incidentally, the shop opened on 6th October, 2021.

(21 May)

New easyJet Liverpool Service from Belfast City Airport

easyJet has announced a new Belfast to Liverpool service from Belfast City Airport.


From July, a single daily service will be operated Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday; with flights on Wednesdays beginning in September.

However, flight times don't seem particularly useful; for example, the only Saturday flight from Belfast to Liverpool departs at 2.25pm, and the only Sunday flight departs at 6.00pm. The Wednesday flight only begins in September and is particularly unsuitable for Wednesday evening games.


The schedule...


  • Sat: 1425-1520
  • Mon: 1430-1520
  • Tue & Fri: 1520-1610
  • Wed: 2030-2120
  • Thu & Sun: 1800-1850


  • Sat: 1305-1355
  • Mon: 1310-1400
  • Tue & Fri: 1400-1450
  • Wed: 1910-2000
  • Thu & Sun: 1640-1730


All flights are currently only bookable until the end of October. It remains to be seen whether or not it will be extended into the winter months.

(22 Apr; updated 25 Apr)

EFC Delegation's Visit to ESCNI (2022)

Our full report on yesterday's EFC visit to Belfast. Everton were represented by Darren Griffiths, Barry Horne and Graham Stuart.


The event was compered by Darren (as professional as ever), and it was great to hear from the two ex-players and everybody in attendance had a good afternoon – apart from the result of course! Graham and Barry spent time with the members, which was really appreciated, and it was a most worthwhile event.

(04 Apr)

(L to R) Graham Stuart, Ciaran, Isabella, Aurora and Colleen Milligan, and Barry Horne

Stagecoach 919 Bus to/from Goodison

Stagecoach operates a direct bus service (919) to and from Liverpool City Centre to Goodison Park for every Everton home game.


Before the game, their buses depart from Commutation Row, Liverpool City Centre from two hours before kick-off … and after the game, their buses depart from Walton Lane (opposite the club shop) from 10 minutes after the final whistle.


A return ticket costs £4.60 for an adult and £2.30 for a child (single tickets are £2.30 and £1.20 respectively). Google Map.

(prices updated 31 Mar)

Hotels Webpage

With the continued absence of easyJet's Saturday evening flights, an overnight stay has become essential for most games.


So with COVID seemingly on the decline, we have refurbished our dedicated Hotels webpage for some useful timely tips.

(17 Feb)

Jack Patterson to Join Everton

Crusader's Jack Patterson is to join Everton later this year. The 16 year old Ballyclare High School pupil will join after he finishes school in the summer.


The midfielder is also currently part of the Irish FA's Club NI elite football programme.

(06 Jan)

easyJet Cabin Bag Policy (update)

From 10th February, easyJet reduced their cabin bag allowance to only one smaller cabin bag per person on board (maximum size 45 x 36 x 20cm, including any handles or wheels, but with no weight limit).


As of early November, a large cabin bag (56 x 45 x 25cm) can also be added at £13 each way. However, currently, it can only be added during the initial booking process or via the easyJet app; and cannot yet be subsequently added via their website. Incidentally, the cost of a 15kg (or 23kg) bag in the hold would be £24 (or £31) each way.


Full details are available from easyJet's dedicated webpage.

(updated 04 Nov)

Merseytravel Pass (MetroCard): Update

In conjunction with Merseytravel's MetroCard (currently replacing the Walrus smart card), a Saveaway ticket lets you travel all day on Liverpool's buses for only £4.30 (child: £2.45)


As well as all Liverpool's buses, it will also let you travel on the trains ...including the service from the city centre to Kirkdale Station (it takes less than 10 minutes, followed by a 16 minute walk to Goodison).


Please note that there is also a £1 charge for the initial issue of the MetroCard plastic travel smartcard.


However, the MetroCard cannot be bought within the airport, but can be bought at the Western Convenience Store (L24 3UT) in nearby Speke.


This shop is open 05.00 to 23.00 every day, and is an eight minute walk away.


Once you have bought a MetroCard, you can subsequently register for a MetroSmart account online but currently Saveaway tickets cannot be bought online ... only Solo (bus‑only) tickets (adults only: £5.00) can.


(updated 02 Jan)

Getting the Best Seats Available (update)

Lower Gwladys (Restricted View)


In these days of large numbers of season tickets at Goodison, the quality of seats that we can obtain has undoubtedly suffered.


In recent years, in an effort to improve this situation, ESCNI has purchased (at not inconsiderable expense) a significant number of Evertonia memberships on behalf of our members. 

Main Stand (very far back)

This has enabled us to purchase the corresponding number of match tickets in advance of their sale to the general public. Whilst this has not always guaranteed half decent seats at Goodison, it certainly has pushed us up the queue for those seats available.


However, on some occasions we have still been allocated particularly poor seats, such as at the very back of the Lower Gwladys or Main Stand.

Upper Bullens Visitors Section

Sometimes, the away team declines their option for the upper tier of the Visitors Section (of the Bullens Road Stand) and, consequently, they become available (at short notice) for home fans to purchase. 


When this happens, we may decide to switch our members to this section. The seats in the front half of this section easily represent the best option on offer and we believe that taking up this option (when it is available) is in the best overall interests of our members. However, it should be noted that the facilities within the Upper Bullens are basic and the stand really shows its age (it was first opened in 1926).


We hope you understand; however, should you not wish to partake of these seats under any circumstance, please let us know in advance.

Upper Gwladys (season tickets)

However, in a further effort to improve the quality of our members’ seats, last season the ESCNI Committee made the decision to also buy 10 season tickets (two blocks of five in the Upper Gwladys Stand) as a trial.


The general feedback from those members fortunate enough to have been allocated them is that they are a noticeable improvement on some of the seats that they have previously been allocated.


Following a review, the Committee has decided to renew these season tickets for Season 2019/20.

(updated 26 Jun)

Arriva 500 Bus: Update

Arriva's 500 bus service (which runs between the airport and Liverpool One) has recently merged with the 82a bus route, becoming a full stopping service; consequently, it will take at least an extra five minutes to get into (and out from) the city centre.


Alternatively, providing you’ve bought a Walrus day pass (they cover buses and trains), you could catch any bus to the nearby Liverpool South Parkway station, and then transfer onto a train to Central Station.


Their schedules have also changed slightly...

  • the first bus departs from the airport at 4.33am
  • and the last one (to the airport) departs from Liverpool One at 11.21pm

...full details are available from the relevant Arriva webpage.

(updated 02 Oct)

Group Ticket Sales (at Reduced Prices)

For Season 2018/19, group ticket sales will apply to the following four Premier League fixtures:


  • West Ham (Sunday 16 September)
  • Crystal Palace (Sunday 21 October)
  • Newcastle (Wednesday 05 December)
  • Bournemouth (Saturday 12 January)


These tickets will be priced at: £30 Adult and £15 Junior (aged 15 and under).


However, in order to avail of these, you must be an ESCNI member (or a guest or a member of another supporters club). Please note that tickets at these prices will only be available for our club's initial ticket application and that any tickets ordered subsequent to this will be charged at the normal rate. Furthermore, access to the group sales ticket offer is subject to a minimum number of match ticket purchases being made by our club.


There will also be the official Supporters' Club Flag Day parade at the Crystal Palace home game (Sunday, 21 October).


...another example of the benefits of joining ESCNI.

(11 Sep)

Liverpool Airport Raises Fee for Drop-Off Parking Near Terminal

Earlier this year, Liverpool Airport increased their charge for dropping off (or collecting) passengers at its car park adjacent to the terminal buildings from £2 to £3 (for 20 minutes).

However, they have increased the free time at their alternative car park from 20 minutes to 40 minutes. However, this car park is a 10 minute walk from the passenger terminal and will leave you exposed to the elements for the entire duration of your walk.

The Liverpool Echo

(05 July)

Important Match Tickets Statement

Due to the unusually high number (3,500 more than last season) of season tickets sold, many of this season’s home games may well sell out long before they go on general sale.


Consequently, our Committee has felt it wise to purchase a reasonable number of Official Everton Memberships to ensure that ESCNI can get access to a reasonable number of match tickets for each home game.


However, when considering booking flights, members should bear in mind that the club may not get sufficient match tickets for everyone’s requirements for every home game.


Furthermore, it should also be noted that any match tickets obtained by ESCNI will always be prioritised for its members ahead of any guests.


It is also vital that members lodge their ticket requests with our Ticket Secretary (Aidan) well before the tickets go on sale, as any late applications are very likely to fail.


Needless to say, that the general quality of seats obtained this season is also likely to suffer too.

(01 Aug '17)

Belfast International Airport Car Parking

Did you know that the Long Term Car Park at Belfast International has a free 15 minute grace period for those wishing to drop off or pick up passengers?

(04 Apr)

The minimum charges for their various car parks are currently as follows...

  • Drop Off Zone: £1 for 10 minutes
  • Short Stay Car Park: £1 for 10 minutes
  • Main Car Park: £2.50 for 30 minutes
  • Long Term Car Park: free for 15 minutes


Incidentally, at...

  • Belfast City Airport, there is a free 10 minute grace period in their Short Stay Car Park
  • City of Derry Airport, there is a charge of £1 for up to two hours in their Short Stay Car Park

(04 Apr '17)

Value for Money

Those ESCNI members attending the recent game against Bournemouth got their match ticket for only £25 (£12.50 for juniors). This saving, alone, will have virtually paid for their ESCNI membership for the entire season... of the benefits of joining ESCNI.


PS That worked out at less than £3 per goal!

(07 Feb '17)

Airport Car Parking (update)

BIA operate a two tier price structure for their Long Stay and Medium Stay car parks at the Belfast International Airport. To put it simply, if you don't book at least ten days in advance, you will be surchaged as a last minute booker.


The current single day rates for these car parks are...

Main Stay:

  • Drive Up: £20
  • Last Minute: £14.99
  • In Advance: £13.49

Long Stay:

  • Drive Up: £15
  • Last Minute: £11.99
  • In Advance: £10.99

Currently, BIA do not seem to be offering their customers any promo codes when booking online.

(30 Jan '17)

Links Webpage

On our Links webpage, we have compiled a collection of other Everton-related websites that we hope are of interest to our members. 


Please feel free to email us with your suggestions of other possible websites.

(10 Apr)